Record-keeping is absolutely essential to running a successful small business, but as an entrepreneur you're pulled in a million different directions at once. Hiring a  responsible bookkeeper ensures accuracy and efficiency in record-keeping, freeing you up for the things that matter most in running your business. 

Gray Hair? Where!?

Your business needs your attention! As the owner, you need to devote your time to marketing, strategy, making, servicing, and planning for growth. The financial operations of your company can be tedious and frustrating. Leave it to me!

If It's Hot, Stay Out of the Kitchen

Not many business owners have a background in finance, or even have a working knowledge of what's involved. Working with me ensures an accurate accounting of your companies finances - and less fires to put out in the long run.

Do You Live to Work or Work to Live? 

Even as a small business owner a healthy work-life balance is important! Working with me takes worry off your mind, and puts time back on your side.

Flop or Flourish?

Accurate record-keeping is crucial to maintaining success or execute growth in your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand and be able to plan for the various revenues and expenses that your company experiences in a given year. Partnering with Accounted For, LLC will afford you unbiased financial advice, financial expertise, and expert bookkeeping - helping your business flourish long-term.